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How it Works

 How it Works

Let’s Eat! introduces diners to area restaurants, a variety of menu items, and each other.

Every event we send out an email to our growing list of members to let everyone know when and where we will eat next. All you have to do to join is email Chris ( and ask him to put your name on the list, or fill out the form on the contacts page of this website. Then, when we have our next event planned, you’ll receive an invite by email. Be ready to confirm as soon as you get your invite though, as it tends to fill up quickly, often the same the day email goes out! We invite far more people than available seats, so choose the dates that work for you and/or the restaurants you most want to try.

Please keep in mind that since we never have enough seats for everyone, it’s important that once we’ve reserved a seat(s) for you, we’re counting on you. We don’t want to let the restaurants down by having empty seats at the last minute, and we hate to turn guests away thinking we’re full, only to end up with available seats when it’s too late to fill them. Fortunately, our guest list is made up of awesome people, so we rarely have issues with this! Thanks everyone!

Events usually take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and they always begin at 6:30. Arrive on time to make sure you don’t miss anything! We usually start with appetizers and mingling, before sitting down for dinner. The restaurant will craft your menu for the evening, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy! We have great chefs in our area restaurants, and we love how they take Let’s Eat! as an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills.

Sometimes we have guests come in to add beer, wine, or even cheese pairings with dinner. At each event, guests choose their own beverages. Drink and enjoy, but please arrange a safe ride home.

As for payment, just like any time you go out for a meal, the restaurant will bill you at the end of the evening. Your dinner will be at a set price, which is always determined in advance and included on your invitation. Drinks, taxes, and gratuities are extra.

Come alone, bring a date, bring friends…this is about what’s fun for you!