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Brunello August 15, 2012

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

Brunello – Featuring Tre Amici Wines -August 15, 2012


This is a very special place. When you approach this two-story brick home on Fourth Street in Collingwood, you expect to see major interior renovations, such as walls taken down and finishes changed to reflect a typical, modern restaurant atmosphere. But in fact, you’ll find the exact opposite. You feel like you’re walking into someone’s home…specifically your Nona’s house. And you don’t even have to be Italian to feel that way! No matter where you come from or what you grew up eating, you will absolutely enjoy every bite of your meal at Brunello’s. For me, it took some restraint to stop myself from uttering “mmmmmm” after each and every bite. The food is simple, but prepared to perfection. We’ve all had shrimp before, we’ve all had calamari before, but we haven’t had it quite like this. And that was just the beginning! I am no sommelier, but it seems to me that Mario and his wife Teresa take care to bring in the right wines to complement their food. And tonight, they brought in the pros from Tre Amici wines to help. It added a fun element to the dinner, to try different wines and learn a little about them, especially from the fun reps from Tre Amici.

Mario, thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening!

Brunello on Let’s Eat

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