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How it all Began!

How It All Began

After living overseas for 7 years and coming to Collingwood, we craved international cuisine. We were happy to find authentic Thai food at the Siamese Gecko and authentic Indian food at The Tandoori House. Then, one fine day in 2010, to our immense surprise, we glanced left while driving along First Street and saw the Hungry Sumo. We screeched the tires, made a quick (and slightly dangerous) left turn to discover…the restaurant wasn’t open. Once it did open, we fell in love. Having two very young children, we didn’t get many opportunities to go out at night, but visited these great restaurants for lunch frequently enough to get to know the owners.

With our growing friendship with the owners of The Hungry Sumo, Chris Gordon and Joanne Yu, and the closing of a Mexican restaurant on main street, we had a moment of panic. What if our favourite restaurant doesn’t make it in this small town? What if our kimchi went away?…

With the weekend traffic from the city filling the Hungry Sumo, and slower days through the week, we had a thought about trying to introduce more locals to the incredible menu at the Hungry Sumo. Having seen so many other restaurants not make it through the slow times, we wanted to be sure our favourite restaurant could survive the sporadic business patterns of our resort town.┬áThis reveals our selfish goals that gave birth to ┬áLet’s Eat!. (Little did we know that this incredible menu needed no help from the Kelehers! We love you Chris & Jo!)

So, we got together with Chris and Jo to plan an event. The goal…to get 30 guests for a set menu that would provide an opportunity for people to taste many menu items, that didn’t include raw fish. The goal there being to break the paradigm that Japanese food = sushi. The result?…Were we able to coax 30 people out on a Monday evening for a surprise menu?…Check out the blog from the event for more ( Scroll all the way to the bottom to read the first entry.

The blog page also has reactions and comments on each other Let’s Eat! event we’ve had since this first event in 2011.

Further, check out the “S-Factor” and “What it’s Become” to learn more about the evolution of Let’s Eat!