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Let’s Eat! How It All Began

Posted on May 17, 2016


After living overseas for 7 years and coming to Collingwood, we craved international cuisine. We were happy to find authentic Thai food at the Siamese Gecko and authentic Indian food at The Tandoori House. Then, one fine day in 2010, to our immense surprise, we glanced left while driving along First Street and saw the Hungry Sumo. We screeched the tires, made a quick (and slightly dangerous) left turn to discover…the restaurant wasn’t open. Once it did open, we fell in love. Having two very young children, we didn’t get many opportunities to go out at night, but visited these great restaurants for lunch frequently enough to get to know the owners.

After some discussion a friend, we thought of trying to host small events at these restaurants, in order to have them gain more exposure locally and show off the items on their menus. We hoped to get 20 guests at our first event, and ended up getting 60 and shutting down the restaurant. This became the standard, and we began to get asked by restaurants around town to host events to launch new menus or help at an opening of a new restaurant. 

We have since hosted dozens of events at restaurants from Collingwood to Thornbury. This town has such an outstanding group of chefs and restaurant owners, and it is something that should be celebrated and explored. From a small beginning, it has become a great event that happens every month or two around town. 

The blog page also has reactions and comments on each other Let’s Eat! event we’ve had since this first event in 2011.

Further, check out the “S-Factor” and “What it’s Become” to learn more about the evolution of Let’s Eat!

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