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Oliver & Bonacini, March 22, 2016

Posted on Mar 29, 2016


Oliver & Bonacini, March 22, 2016

Let’s Eat…and eat…and eat some more! Last week’s event at Oliver and Bonacini was an exciting, delicious success. 

Famous chefs Steven Kwon and Eric Chong of R&D restaurant in Chinatown took over O&B at Blue Mountain Village, bringing Asian flair and a whole lot of energy. 

Guests started with a self-serve selection of starters, including mushroom spring rolls, cucumber salad, chop suey slaw and chicken tom yum soup. Each of these was mouth-watering, and the combination of them was almost a meal in itself!

After enjoying the starters, we were served our choice of 3 mains: salmon belly, general tao chicken or bibimpap. I have to tell you, choosing just one of these items was a chore because they all contained such an amazing combination of ingredients – we wanted to try them all! It’s tough to explain just how balanced and beautiful each menu item tasted. If you get the chance, go have dinner at R&D in Toronto to experience it for yourself.

The crowning jewel of the dinner was the whole roasted Peking Duck that was served to each table. This traditional dish from Beijing was such a treat. With it’s crispy skin, and served with fresh pancakes and veggies to wrap it in, we were all in heaven!

Finally, we had our choice of dessert: carrot cake with ginger ice cream or mango pudding tapioca. Not that anyone was still hungry at this point, but the taste was too good to turn down. 

Our celebrity chefs were gracious hosts, who came out of the kitchen to greet the guests and make at least one young fan a very happy girl! I have to comment, that to see these young chefs, who look like they could be out skateboarding or playing video games with their friends, made the quality and expertise of the food even more impressive. I’m amazed with their skill and accomplishment.

And if this evening wasn’t wonderful enough, between the food, the service, the energy and the company, we were also treated to the talents of local musician Shane Cloutier throughout the event. Any of you who’ve had the fortune to listen to Shane play will understand how he contributes to the atmosphere and how much his music adds to the enjoyment of an evening.

I’m not sure I can rave enough about how wonderful our hosts at O&B treated Let’s Eat guests, and how much we all enjoyed this event. Thank you to everyone who organized and/or participated in this memorable evening. I know O&B is planning other event style dinners in the future, and if this is any indication, I look forward to attending all of them!

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