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What it’s Become

 What It’s Become

While we started out with the  goal of helping our favourite small restaurants survive and thrive in an unpredictable market, Let’s Eat! has evolved into something quite a bit different from that.


If you’ve read the “S” Factor page, you know a little about how Jeff Shearer encouraged us to broaden our horizons beyond Collingwood to include surrounding areas. But it’s not only the geography that’s changed. No longer are we holding events only at small restaurants owned by friends, but now we host events at a broad variety of restaurants. The smallest restaurant we’ve held an event at seats only 30 people, while the largest seats over 60. In some cases we know the restaurant and owner/chef well, while in other cases we’re introduced to the restaurant when they approach Chris and ask if we’d like to host a Let’s Eat! event at their restaurant. The greatest thing is that every event is different, and we leave each one feeling great!

Social Scene

In the beginning, everyone sat at their tables as soon as they arrived, but it didn’t take long before guests expressed a desire to meet other guests. That prompted us to change the format to include mingling over apps and cocktails for the first part of the evening. New friendships have developed through Let’s Eat!, and we love the opportunity to reconnect with all the great people we’ve met in this area over the years since we moved here. Let’s Eat! has been a great way for people new to our area to get connected as well. Our guests range from under 30 to around 80 years old, and there’s such a variety of personalities, interests, careers and backgrounds. There’s definitely a vibe of excitement at each event, as we mingle with good friends and new friends.

Culinary Showcasing

Let’s Eat! also gives chefs a platform to flex their culinary muscle. An artist has an exhibit, a chef has Let’s Eat!! Since the chef/owner gets to set the menu for the evening, they choose some of their signature menu items, or even serve us special items that are not available on their regular menus. It’s always a welcome surprise for all.

Community Connection

We think of Let’s Eat! as an active advertising opportunity for restaurants. Each hosting restaurant gets to show off their best menu items, their knowledgeable and welcoming staff, and their individuality to every guest of Let’s Eat! Since we sometimes include pairings at Let’s Eat! events, the opportunity for related businesses to link up is also available. And while our events are clearly not designed as dedicated networking events, there have certainly been career related connections out of Let’s Eat! Most of all, we’re proud to be associated with and supporting the wonderful people who are running these fantastic restaurants in our area.